Daily Archives: August 5, 2009

Michael Moore’s Revisionist History by Gregory Hilton

Left wing film maker Michael Moore continues to lie and the media lets him get away with it. In an interview today he now claims his 1989 movie “Roger & Me” was about the pending collapse of GM. It was the complete opposite. Moore said GM was the “richest company in the world” and the only reason they wanted to reduce their 845,000 work force was “greed.” Moore says he agrees with liberal pundit Bill Maher that “America is stupid” and “too dumb to be governed.”
Moore says “Eight years ago I wrote a book called “Stupid White Men.” In that book, I wrote a chapter entitled “Idiot Nation.” I think that says it all. Sad, sad, sad. . . I’m still in a stupor of stunned ecstasy that Obama won. And I approve of most everything he’s done, from apologizing to the Iranians for America overthrowing their … democratically elected president in 1953 to appointing the actor from “Harold and Kumar” to a White House position. . .
“As for the congressional Democrats, what a bunch of losers — weak, scared, stupid.” My guess is that he is referring to the Senate Democrats who are stopping union card check, single payer and cap and trade.”
P.S. The United States never overthrew the government of Iran in 1953.