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John Edwards Big Lie Was About Working Families by Gregory Hilton

Former Senator John Edwards (D-NC) is soon expected to admit paternity of child that was born to his mistress, Rielle Hunter. The news media has already covered this extensively but the big lie was not about his mistress, but his “two America’s” campaign theme from 2004 and 2008. The Senator said the “wealthy and corporations” pay less taxes and that “working families” pay more. Edwards defines the “wealthiest Americans” as the top 2% of income earners (over $200,000) and they paid 74.7% of all individual income tax.
His “working families… Read More” (those under $50,000) paid 13.5% of all individual income tax. They have an effective tax rate of 7.05% on their income. This never stopped Edwards and over and over again he said “the wealthy and corporations pay less; working families pay more.”
This is the same John Edwards who refused to participate in a presidential debate co-sponsored by Fox News because “they mislead people.” He also paid $400 for a haircut, and $225 to the Pink Sapphire beauty salon for having his makeup done for television cameras. His 28,000 sq. ft. home includes an indoor pool, indoor basketball court (used by President Obama), and indoor handball court. We know which America he lives in.
According to his financial disclosure forms Edwards has a total net worth approaching $60 million. He paid himself mostly through subchapter S corporate dividends, rather than a salary, to take advantage of a tax-law loophole that allowed him to avoid paying $591,000 in Medicare taxes.
the National Enquirer which first broke the story of the Edwards/Reille Hunter affair. The major media finally reported it when it could no longer be denied. Her attorneys will now argue that the new baby deserves to live the same lifestyle that Edwards’ other children are enjoying. This will put a tiny dent in his hair care budget.
The National Enquirer first broke this story and they often scoop the mainstream media because they pay for stories. Edwards adamantly denied in an interview with ABC News last summer that he fathered a child with Hunter, and he welcomed a paternity test.