Attacks From Child Suicide Bombers are Expected to Increase by Gregory Hilton

His death was caused by a child suicide bomber.

His death was caused by a child suicide bomber.

Attacks From Child Suicide Bombers are Expected to Increase by Gregory Hilton–
Many events will occur on July 4th to honor our active duty service members and coalition partners who are now on the front lines. U.S. troops pulled out of Iraqi cities two days ago, but unfortunately the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq are not behind us. This week intelligence reports from the government of Pakistan demonstrate that the Taliban is increasing its recruitment of child suicide bombers.
Per capita income in Pakistan is $2,600, but the Taliban is paying between $7,000 and $14,000 to families who will allow their young children to be used as suicide bombers. Corporal Marc Birch, 26, was killed just four months after this wedding photo was taken. He died along side Sergeant John Manuel, 38, Corporal Damian Davies, 27, and Lance Corporal Steven Fellows, 26. They were all killed by a 13 year old boy who was pushing a wheelbarrow. Similar attacks will occur in the weeks and months ahead.
July 4th — Are our soldiers dying in vain?
Those who defend our freedom are volunteers. Regardless of how one feels about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the worst thing we can do is to say they died in vain because the war on terror is not winnable. The hundreds of firemen and police officers who perished at the World Trade Center did not die in vain even though their efforts to save lives proved to be futile. Those who have given their lives in the Drug War have not left us in vain, even though drug activity continues.
Deaths are pointless only when people go through their entire lives without knowing why they exist and what they should do with their lives. Evil will flourish only when good people do nothing. We can never have a world where we hold back and do nothing simply because evil will always be with us. Sacrifices in the service of humanity are not wasted, and our soldiers have not died in vain.

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