Even Cindy Sheehan Does Not Understand the Anti-War Lobby by Gregory Hilton

In a recent interview liberal activist Cindy Sheehan made the following observations:
“I think people are starting to wake up to the fact that even if they supported Obama, he doesn’t represent much change. There are people still out here who oppose the war and Obama’s policies, but it seems like the big organizations with the big lists aren’t here. I’ve been protesting but it’s not covered. The one time I did get a lot of coverage was at Bush’s house in June.”
Not only is the President escalating the war in Afghanistan she said, but he’s not withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq as quickly as he originally promised. “That’s why I am opposed to him,” she said. “The anti-war left was used by the Democratic Party. I like to call it the ‘anti-Republican War’ movement. Sites such as the DailyKos are completely hypocritical, I have known for a long time that the Democrats are equally responsible as the Republicans. That’s why I left the party in May 2007 and that’s why I ran for Congress against Nancy Pelosi in 2008.”
Cindy Sheehan has always been wrong about foreign policy but it is amazing that the anti-war movement vanished when Obama was elected. I am glad they are gone, but it sure seems their target was George Bush, not the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Islamic fundamentalists or terrorism.
While the anti-war movement has now gone away they did have an enormous impact on the battle for the Democratic nomination. Organizations such as Moveon.org worked actively in support of Obama, and the big difference was that Hillary and Biden had originally voted for the Iraq war.
Obama said he was consistently against the war, and Mrs. Clinton publicly said these activists were responsible for her defeat. Her campaign was never able to overcome the individuals who packed the caucus states and were motivated by various anti-war organizations.
While I agree with Mrs. Sheehan’s observation about the recent activities of the anti-war lobby, she is still a charter member of the looney left. Sheehan says Bush “murdered” her son, and she has publicly said that an excellent U.S. President would be Hugo Chavez. He wasn’t born in this country, he doesn’t speak English, he’s a Communist and he’s a dictator. But other than that, why not? Sheehan also said said her fantasy was to go back in time to kill President Bush as an infant, to prevent the war in Iraq from ever happening. What is amazing is that the mainstream media gave her so much prominent coverage for such a long time.


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