What I Learned When Facebook Disabled My Account by Gregory Hilton

Facebook Now Has Over 150 Million Members

Facebook Now Has Over 150 Million Members

My Facebook profile was disabled on January 16th and it was finally restored earlier today. My offense was sending too many invitations to a birthday party. I was surprised this happened, but I am sure they have a problem with spam and I really can not complain because it is a free service.
I am a Facebook fan and the site has been useful in organizing charity events, making new business contacts, and keeping in touch with students who participated in my classes over the past two decades.
I have had pleasant experiences on Facebook, but the best time for me was when my account was disabled! Friends from around the world had no idea what had happened. Many of them falsely assumed I was angry with them for some unknown reason. Please be assured that I have never deleted anyone from my friends list. While I did not want to cause you anguish, the IMs and e-mails I received meant a lot to me. The fact that so many of you thought of me really made me smile.
All of us have a terminal disease called life. A deceased person is unable to read their obituaries, and they can not listen to wonderful eulogies regarding the impact they had on various people and events. It was only my Facebook profile that died for two weeks, but the messages I received from many of you will stay with me for a long time.
Unlike Myspace, Facebook is not a social network. It is a self described “social utility” which isn’t meant to build large groups of new friends. Instead, Facebook is meant to reinforce “pre-existing” social connections. In this letter they explain a social utility:
“Please note that Facebook accounts are meant for authentic usage only. This means that we expect accounts to reflect mainly “real-world” contacts (i.e. your family, schoolmates, co-workers, etc.), rather than mainly “internet-only” contacts. As stated on our home page, Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you, not a “social networking site”. It is meant to help reinforce pre-existing social connections, not building large groups of new ones. If this is in direct contrast to what you expected as legitimate Facebook usage, I apologize for any confusion. This is simply the intention behind the site.”

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